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I am an editor and proofreader providing editorial services to academic and nonfiction authors and businesses. I have more than 25 years’ editorial and writing experience, including 14 years’ experience as editor for a large public school system. My writing, editing, and design skills have been used in my work on newspapers, newsletters, books, magazines, manuscripts, theses, proposals, reports, and websites. I turn information into powerful, seamless writing that puts the writer's best word forward and transforms the reader.

Freelance Writer/Editor:

More than 25 years as writer for newspaper, magazine and corporate clients; and more than 22 years’ experience as editor for print and online media.

  • Edit and manage publishing of books, with two books published to date.
  • Edit and format dissertations/theses for 30 master’s and doctorate candidates.
  • Write stories for local newspaper, also published online.
  • Chief editorial consultant for a Washington, DC foundation.
  • Editorial consultant for SEO projects.

Freelance writing and editing clients have included World Bank Group, Washington, DC; Aspen Systems, Gaithersburg, MD; Skywritings magazine, Kingston, Jamaica; EEI Communications, Alexandria, VA; Montgomery Village News, Montgomery Village, MD; Biomass Users Network, Washington, DC., Marriott Corp., Gaithersburg Town Courier, and American Homes Creation Services, Washington, D.C.


Substantive editing and design of books; copyediting of theses and résumés; training in business English grammar and style, and proofreading.

Why Pay for Editing Services

No matter how many times we read over and review our own work, we ultimately miss something–whether it’s a typo, a missed cross-reference, unchecked grammar, or incorrect punctuation. To ensure the integrity of your hard work, it is most valuable to hire an expert to “look over your shoulder with a fresh set of eyes.”

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Exhibition Booklet

Cover & Layout Design

This publication promotes poetry and demonstrates its relationship to typography through the ages.

Field Guide

Cover & Layout Design

This guide describes some of the best out-of-the-way bed and breakfast sanctuaries in the city of Washington, D.C.

Promotional Booklet

Book Design & Copy Writing

This brochure is part of a promotional campaign for a small business that produces skin care products.

Newspaper Article: "Families Gather to Raise Money for St. Patrick’s Day Parade"

Writing Sample

This story was featured on the front page of the issue.

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Magazine Article: "When Asthma Gets Out Of Control"

Writing Sample

This story is a very personal recollection of a terrifying time in my life when I almost lost my son.

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Stationery Design

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